Our yoga teachers are certified to teach all levels of yoga, and will lead you in a wide variety of yoga practices.
  1. Kathryn Ward
    Kathryn Ward
    Kathryn Ward RYT-200, a high school English teacher for the last 20 years, began practicing yoga 15 or so years ago just to “give it a try” at the gym.  Like many before her, she realized after a while that the benefits were not just physical, but also mental; that it was challenging; that there was a lot to learn about it. And, she realized that she felt called to share these benefits, obvious and subtle, with others.  Her primary background is in Ashtanga yoga, and so, her classes are vinyasa based, an energetic practice of flowing movement where breath is linked to movement.
  2. Joelle Van Sickle
    Joelle Van Sickle
    Align and Flow
    Joelle Van Sickle began practicing Yoga in 1991 at the Iyengar Institute in NYC. After a professional career in dance, she received her 200 hour Yoga certification from the Kripalu Institute in 2000 and then her 500 hour/Yoga Therapy certification from Yoga Mountain in 2011. Joelle is eternally grateful for her early Iyengar studies for their precision of alignment and the use of props that make postures accessible to all. She is also grateful for Gail Walsh of Yoga Mountain for teaching her how to share Yoga with diverse populations such as special needs children and those with health challenges. Joelle’s classes focus on alignment, breath, and mindfulness, and meet students where they are on any given day. She is especially interested in helping people to achieve healthy movement patterns and to release the tension that inhibits them from finding freedom of both physical motion and thought. Joelle weaves in her knowledge of the energy body, especially the 7 Chakras, to help students more deeply understand the body/mind connection and to open up to their fullest potential. With a compassionate and friendly teaching style, Joelle strives to make these ancient teachings both accessible and relevant on and off the mat.
  3. Adrienne Eppner
    Adrienne Eppner
    Slow Flow Express
    Adrienne Eppner, E-RYT500 discovered yoga “by accident” while on vacation in the early 1990’s. That started her love affair with yoga and in 2008 began her journey to guide others through the benefits of a regular yoga practice. She is certified in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yoga Nidra and received her Yin Yoga Certification through Bernie Clark in Vancouver, BC. She also teaches Pre-natal/Post-natal, Chair and Restorative yoga. Adrienne is a Reiki Master and believes that the mind, body and spirit need to be in balance for optimum health. Adrienne empowers her students to listen to their body, be in the moment and use their breath awareness to have a safe, fun and rejuvenating practice.
  4. Joelle Letta
    White woman with medium length, straight brown hair smiles in a teal shirt.
    It is an honor to be a part of the journey for all the individuals that I work with. Doing the work and making small changes produces big long lasting results. There are no short cuts. I enjoy motivating individuals to keep going, try new things, and to enjoy the process. Finding the balance and connection between the mind, body and spirit is priceless. Specialties: Injury Prevention, Senior Fitness, Corrective Exercise, Prenatal/ Postpartum Conditioning, Post Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning, Body Sculpting, Stretch and Flexibility, Weight Management