Our yoga teachers are certified to teach all levels of yoga, and will lead you in a wide variety of yoga practices.
  1. Kathryn Ward
    Kathryn Ward
    Kathryn Ward RYT-200, a high school English teacher for the last 20 years, began practicing yoga 15 or so years ago just to “give it a try” at the gym.  Like many before her, she realized after a while that the benefits were not just physical, but also mental; that it was challenging; that there was a lot to learn about it. And, she realized that she felt called to share these benefits, obvious and subtle, with others.  Her primary background is in Ashtanga yoga, and so, her classes are vinyasa based, an energetic practice of flowing movement where breath is linked to movement.
  2. Adrienne Eppner
    Adrienne Eppner
    Slow Flow Express
    Adrienne Eppner, E-RYT500 discovered yoga “by accident” while on vacation in the early 1990’s. That started her love affair with yoga and in 2008 began her journey to guide others through the benefits of a regular yoga practice. She is certified in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yoga Nidra and received her Yin Yoga Certification through Bernie Clark in Vancouver, BC. She also teaches Pre-natal/Post-natal, Chair and Restorative yoga. Adrienne is a Reiki Master and believes that the mind, body and spirit need to be in balance for optimum health. Adrienne empowers her students to listen to their body, be in the moment and use their breath awareness to have a safe, fun and rejuvenating practice.
  3. Joelle Letta
    White woman with medium length, straight brown hair smiles in a teal shirt.
    It is an honor to be a part of the journey for all the individuals that I work with. Doing the work and making small changes produces big long lasting results. There are no short cuts. I enjoy motivating individuals to keep going, try new things, and to enjoy the process. Finding the balance and connection between the mind, body and spirit is priceless. Specialties: Injury Prevention, Senior Fitness, Corrective Exercise, Prenatal/ Postpartum Conditioning, Post Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning, Body Sculpting, Stretch and Flexibility, Weight Management
  4. Lauren H. Smith
    Lauren Smith Peaceful Warrior Studio Mt. Kisco, NY
    Lauren Smith, LCSW, is a clinical social worker with post graduate training from the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard Medical School. She discovered yoga and meditation eighteen years ago when her three children were toddlers and has incorporated both into her parenting, private practice, and personal life ever since. Lauren is a 200 hour RYT whose classes focus on alignment based vinyasa, mindfulness, and flow. She received her certification at Quest Yoga Arts in Mount Kisco, NY, where she studied under Wendy Hagen and Laura Jensen. Lauren received her 20 hour Yin Yoga TeacherTraining certification at Quest Yoga Arts with Kelly Devi Swails. Lauren also brings her love of swimming, biking, and running to the mat and recognizes the physical, as well as emotional, benefits of a regular yoga practice for people of all abilities.
  5. June O’Neill
    200+ RYT
    was introduced to yoga at a profoundly challenging time in her life and found it to be a powerful healer of mind, body and spirit. Adapting her practice of more than a decade to accommodate surgery and injury, June developed a deep appreciation for the power and benefits of a regular practice focusing on the gifts of acceptance, stillness and the peace of a quieted mind. Her journey brought her first to a Hatha-based training followed by additional coursework in Restorative Yoga and a Yin Yoga training with Corina Benner. “Never say ‘No’, never say ‘I cannot’, for you are infinite. All the power is within you. You can do anything.” -Swami Vivekananda
  6. Nadine Santiago
    Align/Flow Yoga
    Nadine has been practicing yoga since 2000 and earned her RYT-200 certification in 2015 at Quest Yoga Arts in Mt. Kisco, NY with Wendy Hagen ERYT-500 and Laura Jensen ERYT-200. Nadine found the healing power of yoga after dealing with back and knee injuries. She also found yoga to ground her, help her through the daily stresses of life and guide her through the journey of raising her two daughters. The connection of yoga to the mind, body and spirit keep Nadine coming back to her mat for more. Nadine teaches vinyasa style yoga with an emphasis on alignment and wrist friendly align flow classes. She is excited and honored to share her passion for yoga with you. She believes yoga is for everyone and she is dedicated to helping people of all ages, walks of life and abilities experience the joy and the healing power of yoga.
  7. Kristen Sparro
    Kristen Sparro
    Mindful Yoga
    Kristen Sparro, MA, RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance, Meditation Teacher and Shamanic Master Reiki Practitioner is in love with the healing power of yoga and it’s synergy of mind, body and spirit. She holds an MA in Dance/Dance Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She teaches yoga to adults, teens and children in studios, community centers, public schools in Westchester County and is a Practitioner at The Center For Health and Healing in Mount Kisco, NY. Kristen holds a 100 hour certificate in Yoga Therapeutics from Jillian Pransky of YogaWorks and is specialized in yoga for anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic illness, injuries and stress. Yoga is a constant practice that tremendously helps Kristen find a place of balance, inner peace and pure joy in her life. She is currently studying to be a Yoga Therapist with Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy, Buddhist Meditation Teacher Training with The Center For Health and Healing and is in the Shamanic Master Teacher program with Shamanic Reiki Worldwide. She has a curiosity to learn and will continue to always be a student. Kristen is extremely passionate about what she learns and loves to share it with others. Kristen grew up in Maine and has a great interest in nature, animals and the ocean. She loves spending time with her family, hiking with her dog and laughing with friends. Kristen is a nurturing teacher that creates a safe environment—physically and emotionally—for students to explore and discover where they are in their body and mind without judgment. She focuses on bringing the practice of yoga and meditation into everyday life. Kristen has an open heart full of gratitude and compassion. It is an honor for her to share her love of yoga with all students.
  8. Jody Bortone
    Slow Flow
    I love yoga! An occupational therapist for over 45 years, I brings to my teaching a deep understanding of the body, brain, and emotions. A life-long spiritual seeker, yoga is a way for me to experience all of these forces in a deeply intimate way. Through teaching yoga, I invite students to experience the interconnectedness among mind, body, brain, and spirit as a the foundation for making choices in practice and life. Slow Flow -- All Levels: Fridays, 9:30 Slow enough for new yogis to follow; slow enough for experienced yogis to refine their practice. Asanas will emerge from core stability as the initiation for all movement. Students will be encouraged to look within at the wisdom of their own body's sensations, thoughts, and feelings as their inner guide to practice.